Fight Against Diabetes With Adel Sukkar 

Introducing the most popular diabetes educator in the Middle East. Join the healthcare revolution to make awareness more accessible and entertaining.

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Edutain Them: Create awareness campaigns with creative messaging accessible to everyone.

Get on their level.

Awareness campaigns can be dull. It can make it harder for people to engage with the message, difficult to understand, and overall uninspire change. Make a change with edutainment and create educational content that can be delivered to all ages.


It can be challenging to help diabetics learn about their health in ways that they can identify with.

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Non- diabetics often have no idea what life is like for diabetics or how they can help support them.

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Being diabetic in the Middle East comes with many misconceptions, about what it means to be diabetic.

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Drive Education:
Help diabetics learn about their health with a relatable character who mirrors their struggles.

Promote Understanding:
Teach non- diabetics what life is like for diabetics and how they can help support them. 

Change Perceptions:
Through edutainment narratives we can dispel myths, and misconceptions about what it means to be diabetic and how it can affect health.

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What Adel has Achieved So Far

These numbers are why we believe in what Adel can achieve. With a little help he could be doing so much more for diabetes awareness and the community


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"A true masterpiece"

 Mona Elmerghani, on Facebook 

I can’t wait for more episodes.

"More than entertainment, it was meaningful and valuable"

Maged El- Hawary, on Facebook

This program was for those really in need. Thank you for all your effort

"It gets better every year"

Baha Sami, on Facebook

“This show is meaningful and brings awareness to all people, not just diabetics


Why Adel Sukkar ?

Adel Sukkar is a humorous character who looks and talks like someone we know, someone we meet everyday, a friend, a brother, a colleague. He  was unfortunately diagnosed with that horrible yet difficult challenge; Adel is Diabetic. The thing about Adel Sukkar is that he is a normal young adult with a normal attitude, he does not preach, criticise nor act as a saint. He sins and do mistakes, he has his ups and downs and he is honest to his fans and this is why they like him.

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